Asset Management


Based on the financial plan that we build together, we may decide on an investment strategy that we manage for you. We manage these investments in house through our alignment with LPL Financial as our broker dealer and registered investment advisor.


Our asset management offering is best for those with a comprehensive financial plan as appropriate investments are better suggested when goals are set and we have a deep understanding of your financial scenario.


Fees associated with your investment accounts are deducted directly from the accounts that we manage. Investment Advisory Fees are annualized. Ancillary charges such as custodial fees, transfer costs, transaction fees, etc., are not included. Fees are charged on a tiered schedule, meaning a lower rate may be charged on assets above a designated breakpoint. We are always monitoring the market to ensure we are using the most cost-effective solutions.

Fees and asset management through LPL Financial, our broker dealer and registered investment advisor. 

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Advisory Fee Schedule

Corporate Plan Advisory Fee Schedule

$10K - $499K


$0 - $5M


$500k - $2M


$5M - $10M


$2M - $5M


$10M - $15M


$5M - $10M


$15M - $30M


$10M - $20M


$30M - $50M