Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

Since 1993, Hines Wealth Management, LLC has provided wealth management and financial planning to clients across the country. We believe everyone has the right to comprehensive financial advice and client care regardless of their net worth, and we aim to provide just that to every client we support. This belief is our foundation.

Our clients include: 

We work with clients in the middle phase of their careers, addressing specific needs and focal areas to this life stage. During the decades between the 40s and 60s managing competing priorities like paying for college for your children while simultaneously increasing your retirement savings becomes a more prominent factor in your financial plans. At this point, we start thinking in more detail about funding your retirement. As we move closer to retirement, our plans for income and healthcare needs become more concrete. We help our clients plan for navigating the competing needs as their careers and lives become more settled, ensuring that the transition to retirement is a smooth one.

Career Transition
Transitioning from your career to retirement marks one of the biggest changes you’ll experience in life. You’ll see how your plans for income in retirement work in actuality, and you will make sure your retirement plan distributions are done in the most efficient manner. You will now begin your post-work life and use the money you so diligently saved for retirement creating monthly cash flow that will replace your paycheck. With newfound freedom from working, you will probably enter a period of adjustment where you learn your post-career identity.

What We Believe

What We Believe

  1. Everyone has the right to comprehensive financial advice and client care.
  2. Your net worth does not define you.
  3. You are a member of our family, not a number.
  4. A lifestyle of abundance includes far more than money.
  5. True life wealth grows from making intentional and thoughtful decisions.
  6. Your health is as valuable as your financial wealth.

Our Team

Our personal and professional experience enables us to form meaningful long-term relationships with our clients based on common experience. We are people just like you, with the same cares, concerns, and needs, not a monolithic investment firm housed in glass. Let’s work together in the real world.

Eugene Harvey Hines, CFP®

Managing Director




Experience: Since 1993, Harvey Hines has worked with clients designing and executing plans for complete financial care. The plans and guidance he provides leave no aspect of their financial life unaccounted for. This includes insurance...

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Andrea L. Ciota, J.D., LL.M.

Director of Business Development




I use my twenty years of business and tax experience, including thirteen years as Assistant General Counsel for a Fortune 200 company, to help offer excellent customer service.

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Our Broker Dealer

We are aligned with LPL Financial, the number one independent broker/dealer in the country*. LPL values the independence of financial advisors and provides us with the freedom to choose the business model, services, and technology resources that allow us to run an impactful practice. For more information about LPL Financial

*No. 1 Independent Broker-Dealer in the U.S (Based on total revenues, Financial Planning magazine 1996-2021)

Our Access to LPL Teams

LPL Financial Planning Group

The LPL Financial Planning team works closely with us to design tailored strategies to address our client’s needs. They provide access to specialists in other areas such as trusts and estate planning and they offer:

  • Fee-based financial planning through the LPL RIA
  • In-house financial planning expertise
  • Financial planning software
  • A consulting program that lets us provide advice to clients in multiple plan forms

Through the LPL Financial Planning team, we can provide you access to WealthVision, a powerful, web-based, wealth-planning tool that offers account aggregation, modular and comprehensive financial planning, your own personalized website, and an online storage facility to help you keep track of valuable documents. WealthVision includes features and functions that integrate financial planning and wealth management to allow for more complete planning and better service for our clients.

LPL Retirement Planning Partners

The LPL Retirement Planning Partners team assists us in managing retirement plans under an advisory or broker of record model. They ensure we are complying with the ever-changing regulatory landscape and plan sponsor preferences. LPL’s Retirement Partners help ensure that we are servicing your plan at the highest level of quality with plan sponsor consultation and participant education. The team avails us of experienced investment oversight and reporting through LPL Plan Support Services and gives us tools to help participants better manage their finances and prepare for retirement.

LPL Private Trust Company

The Private Trust Company, N.A. (PTC) is a wholly-owned indirect subsidiary of LPL Financial Holdings Inc. PTC. LPL Financial has developed a strategic partnership to service advisors, like us, seeking to strengthen our wealth management offerings by adding institutional trust services. Unlike many companies offering trust services, at the Private Trust Company, the administration of personal and charitable trusts is their sole offering. This allows them to provide our clients with the highest level of attentive service and dedication. Link to LPL Private Trust Company

LPL Private Client Group

The Private Client Group at LPL partners with us to serve our clients with significant wealth. They provide premium resources, services, and guidance to our clients and us. Integrating complete asset management, philanthropy, risk mitigation, and legacy planning professional services enables us to deliver truly holistic wealth management to our most discriminating clients.

LPL Research

LPL Financial houses one of the largest independent research teams in the industry. These experienced analysts, strategists, and investment specialists deliver objective advice and insightful commentary in a simple, relatable way. To accomplish this, the team is separated into groups that work together across several functions: performing high-quality due diligence, offering asset allocation advice, creating and managing portfolios, communicating their market and economic insights, and providing exceptional customer service.