Working With Us

At Hines Wealth Management, LLC, we believe the right relationship means everything. Managing your wealth is one of the most important things you can do, so having the best possible relationship between client and advisor is critical. Great relationships are created between individuals who share common ground.

While everyone has the right to superior financial guidance, the positive outcomes of that guidance increase when both client and advisor are the right fit for each other, we know you have choices, and we honor that by building our relationship with you on a foundation of shared values.

Our Values

Our values guide everything we do. These values are at the core of our personal and professional lives and we work best with clients who have similar values and interests.

  • We live an active lifestyle putting fitness and heath at the top of our priorities
  • We seek continual improvement in everything we do, from competitive sports to our relationships and our interests and hobbies
  • We have a deep appreciation for nature and our surroundings and spend as much time as possible out doors

What You Should Expect From Us

At Hines Wealth Management, LLC, we will:

  • Be consistent and reliable
  • Be available when you need us
  • Be honest and transparent
  • Treat you with respect
  • Put your interests first at all times
  • Make every effort to gain a complete and accurate understanding of your financial goals, timeline, and risk tolerance
  • Thoroughly explain any strategies and recommendations we make
  • Continually update you by phone and email as appropriate
  • Meet with you on a mutually agreeable schedule to discuss your financial planning and investment strategies
  • Use the LPL assurance and resilience group to provide continual and seamless care of you and your investments in the event we are no longer able to work

What We Need From You

  • A commitment to open and honest communication
  • Complete disclosure of all the information we ask for so we can provide the best possible advice
  • Honesty
  • Respect

Shared Responsibility

Effective investment planning requires cooperation and trust. In order to achieve a successful relationship, we will:

  • Agree to inform each other of any new developments promptly
  • Agree to take time to review your investment plan and strategies regularly
  • Work to develop a relationship based on honesty, trust, and respect