Preparing for Hurricane Ian

September 30, 2022

The hurricane season is descending upon us in dramatic fashion this week.

Hurricane Ian is a significant event that will bring massive winds and dangerous storm surges to Florida and the neighboring Gulf states. Whether you’re in the storm’s path or high and dry, knowing how to endure a large storm is critical.

Plan for the following dangers and be prepared:

  • Flooding - Rising water and torrential rains will be the most likely risk for anyone in the affected area. Evacuate to higher ground and sandbag low areas if needed.
  • Wind - Hurricane-force winds are nothing to sneeze at. Board up windows if you can, and remove loose or leaning objects around your home.
  • Car Risk - Believe it or not, people try to drive in hurricanes, but it’s not a good idea. Park on a hill or high spot if you can. Never drive through deep water.

We are thinking of everyone affected by this terrible storm. Check your local government’s instructions for hurricane evacuations, information, and updates. If anything does happen, we will be here to help you get back on track.